The Founder

Anatoli Efros

The founder of Parquet by Dian, Anatoli Efros, was born in Kiev in 1941. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in lumber cutting and several other specialized degrees, Anatoli also earned a master’s degree in woodworking technology. Shortly after finishing his master’s degree, he was invited to work in the Ukrainian Woodworking Ministry, overseeing the production of wooden components for the construction industry.

Only three months after starting his position, he was given the opportunity to oversee the construction of the Ukrainian Palace of Congress. He was given the task of manufacturing all the wooden components, including the doors, windows, moldings, wall panels, ceiling panels, furniture and parquet floors.
The project lasted two years and involved the unique task of developing new products like fire resistant particle board, fire resistant plywood, specially treated lumber and decorative parquet in pre-assembled panels.

In 1970 he was appointed the Scientific Secretary of the Woodworking Scientific Technical Society of the Ukraine. At that time, he invented a new construction and method of production of decorative pre-assembled parquet, manufacturing in volume and industrially installed.

In 1973, the government of the USSR, appointed him the Chief parquet specialist of the USSR. His duties involved technical development for the parquet industry, creation of new products, technologies, environmental standards, etc…

In 1975, Anatoli Efros immigrated to the USA. In 1977, his dreams were realized, when he opened his company, manufacturing parquet flooring. The goal of this company was to manufacture the flooring he developed in the USSR and finally allow it to be purchased by the general public. Over the years, he created many original designs, which are featured in Parquet By Dian’s Anatoli Collection. He has been instrumental in the development of new equipment, tooling, adhesives and finishes, which has given him the ability to create, what is unequivocally recognized as the finest wood flooring system in the world. His products have been awarded almost every industry award, including numerous, NWFA Floor of the Year honors.

Anatoli continues to work on developing other new products and was recently given a US patent for a new product that will change the way buildings will be built in the future.