Technical Data Sheet



PBD makes parquet tiles 7/16″ (11mm) thick, made from 100% solid hardwood. All the slats of hardwood are straight edge (no tongue and grooved), which are held together with a transparent plastic tape (pressure sensitive adhesive coated) on the top. After installation the tape is either removed or sanded off.

The parquet PBD flooring system will last a minimum of a 100 years (in ideal situations it should last 200-300 years or more).

The parquet has to be glued down to a structurally sound foundation and the glue has to provide a waterproof membrane protecting the floor from the bottom and sides. After the installation, all the perimeters of the parquet have to be filled with waterproof sealer, protecting the installed floor from water damage from the sides. This is the single most reason for damaged or completely destroyed wood floors.

The installed parquet is finished on the job site with a protective coating, which will provide high durability and the protect the moisture content of the wood (concealing moisture). This is very important when temperature and air humidity are changing. The finished parquet is stable without shrinkage or expansion.

PBD products are glued down. PBD products can be glued to most hard surfaces such as solid wood, plywood, particle board, cement, fiberglass, steel, etc.

PBD uses a 100% polyurethane adhesive (Chemrex 941) to install its products. This adhesive was developed to provide a waterproof membrane.

When PBD parquet floor is installed with its 100% polyurethane adhesive, the slats of parquet not only glue down to the subfloor, but they also glue to each other, preventing up and down movement of individual slats.

PBD 7/16″ (11mm) thick weighs 1.7 lbs per sq ft or 8.3 kg per sq meter. This is the weight of PBD flooring when glued to concrete.
PBD floors do not have to be acclimated and can be installed as soon as it is delivered to the job site.
The entire process will take a week or 1/3 of the time necessary to install and finish a tongue and grooved floor. Sanding can be done on PBD flooring 1 day after installation has been completed.

A one-component polyurethane-based trowel-grade adhesive. Its patented formula is VOC compliant. It contains no chlorinated solvents or water. Chemrex 941 has excellent initial grab and outstanding bond strength.