PBD & The Environment

Parquet by DIAN (PBD) is the biggest friend of the environment. PBD manufactures parquet tiles, which are 7/16″ thick (11mm) and are made from solid wood. All the slats of wood are straight edge (no T&G). The parquet is assembled with transparent plastic tape on the top.

The parquet is installed with a special 100% solid (solvent free) waterproof adhesive in such a way, where the glue rises to the surface of the parquet flooring bonding the entire floor together. The parquet floor can be left unfinished for months. The tape protects the floor form construction abuse and water damage. We supply specially developed finishing materials that provide added durability and are environmental friendly.

1) PBD has always manufactured it’s floors from sustainable raw materials and works closely with its growers to make sure the highest standards of forestry are always upheld.

2) PBD parquet is 7/16″ thick with 5/16″ usable thickness. PBD produces two square feet of product from 1 board foot of lumber. Solid 3/4″ thick T&G flooring only has 1/8″ usable thickness (you can’t sand past the tongue). PBD uses at least five times less natural resources than manufacturers of ancient 3/4″ solid T&G strip flooring.

3) PBD uses short pieces of lumber for manufacturing that other manufacturers discard as trash.

4) PBD floors are installed with a rigid (non-movable) adhesive, which allows a unique opportunity to seal the perimeter of the parquet floor with a silicone sealant. This allows for added protection from water damage, which is probably the most important issue in maintaining a wood floor for a long period of time. T&G nailed down floors have to expand and contract after installation and therefore can’t be sealed, leaving its perimeter exposed to water damage.

5) PBD’s construction is ideal for all commercial and multistory residential buildings, which have fire sprinkler systems. As stated in fact #2, PBD floors are completely damage free after water floods. See Case Studies. Customers will have limited business interruption. Clean the floor, dry it, and use it again!

6) PBD floors are a perfect material to be used over radiant heating. The 7/16″ thickness allows for excellent heat transmission.

7) PBD is the only quality practical solution for multistory buildings with sound insulation requirements. The installation is quick and easy. The same steps are to be followed as for conventional installations, but the cork must be glued to the sub floor first.

8) PBD floors solve imporant health problems, allowing for air pollution free environments. This makes life healthier for 40 million asthma and allergy sufferers in the USA.

9) In the USA there are 60 million cats and 60 million dogs. Many dogs are being left alone for long periods of time are exposed to serious health problems like “separation anxiety.” Dogs trying to send a message to their owners, urinate on the floor, usually time after time in the same place. Only jobsite finished floors are protected from dog urine damage. Popular factory pre-finished floors allow water and urine to penetrate between the strips, creating warpage and other damage. By the way, pets are allergy sufferers too.

10) Using the annual cost basis, PBD parquet is the least expensive wood flooring material. It is also less expensive than laminate floors and quality carpets as well.

11) PBD floors can be glued directly to concrete, plywood, metal, etc.. The floors can be finished within one week. That is about three times faster than traditional 3/4″ unfinished T&G floors.

12) PBD’s parquet designs are ideal solutions for current trends in interior floor plans with open space, so called “floating architecture.”

13) The thickness of PBD’s floors are 7/16″ thick, which is comparable with the thickness of stone (3/8″). This allows easy and inexpensive design of flooring mixed (wood/stone) materials.

14) There is no need to acclimate PBD parquet, once it is delivered to the jobsite it can be installed. Copyright 2000 : Anatoli Efros