PBD & Substainability

Parquet By Dian was created, over 35 years ago, with the idea of utilizing raw materials in the most efficient way. The manufacturing of plank is very wasteful, since trees grow in different sizes and lumber comes in various grades, various widths and various lengths. When a customer wants a certain width plank, what do you do with the excess material you just cut? Parquet By Dian manufactures a great deal of plank flooring, but by manufacturing parquet floors and borders, Parquet By Dian can utilize almost 100% of the raw materials. Many of our products use pieces that are smaller than 1” x 1”, allowing us to use lower grade lumber that typically can’t be used by other flooring manufacturers.

Eliminating the tongue and groove allows us to manufacture a 7/16” floor that can be sanded, up to 10 times. The wear layer of a ¾” tongue and groove floor is less than 1/3 the wear layer of our 7/16” solid flooring and requires more than double the natural resources to produce. We are able to manufacture 5 times more of our 7/16” solid flooring than a typical ¾” tongue and groove solid plank floor from the same amount of raw material.

All domestic hardwoods in the United States are sourced sustainably. All the FSC lumber in the US, is coming from the same sources that are producing non FSC lumber as well. When people are buying FSC flooring, made from domestic species, they are not buying flooring that is more environmental. Actually in most cases, the non FSC flooring is more environmental, since there was no need to waste a great deal of paper and energy on the certification of the lumber.

Reclaimed woods are constantly being marketed as sustainable. There is no certification program in place to monitor if lumber is reclaimed. The majority of the hardwood flooring that is marketed as reclaimed, is not. How many barns do you actually think are taken apart each year? Not nearly enough to supply the amount of flooring that is sold as reclaimed. We do work with legitimate suppliers of reclaimed woods for projects that are truly looking for these types of products.

Plank flooring is not an environmental product. All lumber is produced, random width and random length. When a client is requesting plank flooring for an environmental project, it is obvious that they don’t understand the meaning of being environmental. There is a great deal of waste created in the manufacturing of plank flooring due to specifications usually requesting one width.

Just because flooring is made from FSC lumber or reclaimed material, does not make it environmental. What is being done with all the waste from the manufacturing of this flooring? Utilizing 100% of the raw materials and making a product that lasts is our goal. That is truly being environmental. Our flooring comes with a 100 year warranty.

Installing flooring with 2 sheets of plywood is not necessary. Not only is it not necessary, it is wasteful. We prefer to install our floors direct to the concrete or over natural cork when sound isolation is required. Lab tests have shown that our floors, glued direct to cork achieve better test results than conventional tongue and groove floors on plywood.