Savings of Natural Resources

Flooring is made from reclaimed lumber, post industrial waste or bio-based materials (innovative materials).
Much lower timber usage than traditional ¾” T&G flooring (6.6 times less).
Floors can be glued directly to concrete (no need for plywood).

Improved Indoor Air Quality

No expansion joints at walls or gaps or in between individual pieces, which eliminated areas where bacteria and mold can form.

Decrease Landfill Waste

Life span of our products are over 100 years, which eliminates dumping.

High Energy Savings

30% less energy is needed to heat the same area, to the same temperature using our floors glued directly to concrete over radiant heat, compared to ¾’ T&G floors.

Additional Environmental Benefits

Our floors can install direct to cork.
Since the product is completely made in Los Angeles, we are within 500 miles of many west coast cities, including Las Vegas (500 mile rule).
Usage of low grade or waste lumber in the production of flooring.
Innovative construction.
Most water damage, including floods, will not create a situation where the floors will need to be replaced.