PBD Advantage

Advantages of PBD Flooring System over T&G Plank

1. All PBD products are made of solid hardwood
2. Quality hardwood lumber is used manufacturing every product
3. State of the art, straight edge glued-down construction, not ancient tongue and groove construction is utilized.
4. Life expectancy of our product is a minimum of a 100 years.
5. There is no need for the wasteful use of a plywood subfloor, it can be glued directly to concrete, cork etc.
6. Preassembled tiles make for a quick, easy and precise installation. Installation time is over 3 times faster than unfinished plank flooring.
7. Comes with a transparent tape on the top of the tiles which protects the floor at construction sites.
8. Any drastic changes in the relative humidity will cause T&G flooring to change in its dimensional size that is why T&G floors constantly change during the seasons, cupping and warping is common place and if water gets on a T&G floor it will either be badly damaged or destroyed. PBD floors are designed to be stable year round and if water get on a PBD floor it will not change the dimensional size of the floor.

Straight edge glued-down construction is superior to tongue and groove construction because of:

1. Tongue and groove flooring can only be sanded to the groove. Once the floor is sanded to the groove it must be replaced. A 3/4” (19mm) T&G floor has only 2/16” (3mm) usable material. PBD’s flooring is 7/16” (11mm) and has 5/16” (8mm) of usable thickness.
2. Straight edge flooring is more resistant to moisture and water damage. The construction of the material is held together by high-tech glue which has a moisture barrier in it. When the glue is applied to the subfloor, it goes in between each piece to bond the tile together creating a monolithic floor. The floor is ready to be sanded and finished the next day.